Dutch Light Orbs




Repeating coloured lightphenomenon.

The pictures below are taken without any artificial lightsource, exept the build in flash of our digital, and the flash with slave unit, held above it. The pictures were made april / may 2002.

The first twopics were made on the same day, short after eachother. A streetlight is burning in the distance. The thirth picture was taken about 10 days afterwards, and the streetlight didn't burn.

As you can see, all pictures were taken on the same location, a location and direction Nel and I made hundreds of pictures, having orbs within them, but never the lightmanifestation as is manifesting itself now.


And a short time later:



After about 10 days:



Remarcable is, that previous to these pics, a red shining appeared on our pics. It seems these multy coloured manifestations build themselves up, out of that red shining.

By the way: The lamp on the top right did not burn.

More as a half year later, the phenomena appeared again, on the end of November 2002:



On Jan 2th of 2003, the phenomenon showed up again in our pictures, in 2 pictures taken after eachother, beeing part of a much larger series, taken from the same location into the same direction.Now also the phenomenon seems to build itself up.




On this location, Nel and I (Ed) have taken orb photo's for years, without those colored lightmanifestations experiences. As it started however, it developped slowly in a horizontal shape. On januari 17th, we got this vertical one, to be seen on the photo below. The pics above show how the horisontal light, is spreading in that vertical way.



On 28-05-2003 the picture below has been photographed, on about a miles distance of the place the other pictures were taken. It was an as well very powerfull feeling place.







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Ed Vos