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In the Kernhem Wood


On Februari 1st, we walked through the wood, and enjoyed, the fresh fallen snow. We made pictures, of a nice path in the wood, close to our caravan, and from that caravan as well.
We just enjoyed nature, and hadn't the intention to photograph lightorbs. It is know, that the way you feel is very important to capture the phenomenon. There are some lichtorb photographers, that dance, sing and so on. All things to bring you in a better mood.

We where very supprised as we saw our photographs!



At first, one should think, having to do with a photograph, taken during snow fall.
But it didn't snow. Of course there had been snow fallen short before picture taking, but not at that time, the picture was taken. The same is the fact with the pictures below.
As a proffessional photographer, I know, flashlight reflecting on snowflakes, looks a bit like it. Trained light orb photographers however, can see the difference.
Size, shape and luminosity, give insight in that, as well as the sharpness of the brims of the larger orbs.
A larger orb, would say, the snowflake was closer to the camera, and for that reason appear as unsharp on the picture. Orbs that are of the same size , should, if it were flashed snowflakes, have about the same luminosity, but here they don't have. Of course one snowflake isn't the other, might be a bit bigger, might have another shape, and have a difference in luminosity, but not in the way they appeared on this picture.
And, besides that, we paid attention for taking photographs, not during snowfall. We experienced it as a pitty, car were parked.
The last car wasn't parked that well, and it looks like he is just starting to drive from that parking place. What you see however, is the back of the car, and the orb seems to be his front light, but it isn't. Also pay attention to the "mist"on the right side of the picture. We didn't smoke a cigarette, no car passed us, and it also isn't breath.



Also by taking this picture it didn't snow. It was taken about 50 metres from the first one. The big orb in the middle of the window, is the reflection of the flashlight.




Here the same caravan from another direction. No one smoked, no car passed by, nor is it breath.
This photo is printed darker to get the shape of the "cloud", and the orbs in it better. Here als: It didn't snow during picturetaking. By the way: The red orb is a reflecting plate on a pole

All pictures were taken shortly after eachother, on 1-2-2001, at about 16.30 hr

Actually, I didn't want to publish these photo's, because "untrained eyes" could say it were snowflakes, but because of the reactions of some international orb researchers, I decided to share it with others, with you

Ed Vos    



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(c) Ed Vos