Dutch Light Orbs



Lightorb during hail shower on the Kernhem Estate (NL)


(By Ed Vos)

A golden rule in lightorbphotographyis to do not photograph during rain, hail and snow showers, or if there might be a lot of insects in the air. A bit experienced orb photographer of course recognizes this kind of pictures of course. On another location on this website you can find pictures taken durung snow shower etc. this to make you familiar with the effects of it, so you can see the difference between the phenomenon and snow pictures.
Somewhere in th middle of april 2001 there was a heavy hail shower, and I wanted to make a picture to show you how it looks like, if you take a flash picture during such a hail shower. As I saw the prints first, I was astonished as you can imagine. The picture was taken from the inside of a caravan (to stay dry myself) and was taken through a window that, of course was opened for this purpose. The camera doesn't have a belt, that could have been in front of it. Nothing like a cord or so is hanging for the window, and there are no plant at that location, so a brach is excluded. Remarkable is the abrupt shift from light to dark in the top of the phenomenon

This picture looks very much on that of Mr. Don van Sante, which is published else where on this site

The Kernhem estate is a well known Dutch powerplace, where a lot of lightphenomenons are seen, and it knows several legends like about the "White Lady", a ghost like appearence. During the Celtic period ritual initiations took place, as several psychic, and other people with special gifts state independant from eachother. On this website, you can see more pictures taken on this estate.






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Ed Vos