Dutch Light Orbs



Lightphenomenons at  Ubachsberg (L) Holland


Cropcircle formation at Ubachsberg 2000

Except the fact, this formation is a very nice one, it also gave us two pictures on which light phenomenons are to be seen. In the formation, a strong energy was to be experienced, that also took care for the fact my GSM telephone didn't work. Outside the formation it did function afterwards.

The first picture af a lightorb was sended to me by Hans ter Horst, and will I thank Hans for that, on which a fast moving lightorb is to be seen



Also an interesting picture is the survey one of Wil Hordijk, and I thank him too for his photo. It one picture of a series made under the same conditions. This particular one is the only whith the phenomenon. Above the formation you can see a "V" shaped light, that seems to come from the centre of the formation






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Ed Vos