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Lightorbs, a phenomenon, or explanable


There is a lot of speculations and publications about lightorbs. Doe we have to deal with a phenomenon, or are they photographically explainable. The experienced light orb photographers are convinced we have to deal with a phenomenon. Skeptical people often regard them as reflections of the flash on dust particles, insects, pollen, water droplets or whatever

by Ed Vos


The theory, orbs would be caused by reflections of the flashlight against dust, insects, pollen, water droplets or whatever seems to be a reasonable explanation. Because, if dust should be quite close to the lens, it should get quite big on the photo, infuenced by the flash.

However, there are some remarks to be made.

If dust (I keep it by dust, but it can be anything solide) would be that close to the lens, it should become rather blurry on the photo, especially if the subjects on a long distance do come out sharp. On the other hand, that dust particle should be very white, because it should have received a lot of flashlight

The experience however is, The larger orbs mostly are more transparent in the pictures as the smaller ones, wich is very contradictionary. For this reason, orbs are very well being distinguished. They look totally different from those rain droplets. Besides that, orb photographers mostly use an umbrella or another shelter, so raindrops cannot come that close to the camera lens

So that dust theory doesn't count in these cases.

In my job as professional photographer I daily see thousands of photos of my customers, but hardly see any orbs. That is remarkable, for dust is just everywhere, and should appear on flash photo's frequently for that reason. On pictures I make for my job during 34 years now, I never have captured just one orb. It seems orbs are aware they better don't appear on commercial pictures. I'll come back later on the subject : Orbs consciousness.

On the drawing below (With thanks to Mr. P Hattwig from Germany) you can see the way of a lightbeam if a particle is in front of the lens

In the first case there is a particle on the lens. The light will go around that particle, and is not able to create an image of it. Only the aperture of the lens will be increased a very little bit (the amount of light that goes through the lens).

In the second case, the particle is on a small distance, and will not be captured, because the light of the lightsource will be absorded by the diafragme (aperture regulating shelf's) and will not reach the CCD sensor or film. Using flash, this will be another case, for the flash lightens the particle, but in that case, no sharp image of the particle will appear, unless the camera was set on macro, but in that case the orb doesn't come that big on the photo, and subjects on a greater distance shouldn't be sharp either.




 The drawing shows an aspect, that isn't payed attention to too much. Concidering the camera brand and type, the lens mostly is a bit outside the camera, and mounted in a lens mount.

The lens mount just blocks the flashlight to lighten the particle, and because of that, no light can be transported from the particle to the CCD sensor. By zooming in, this is a stronger "proof" for the lens is comming out of the camera. By camera's having a build in zoom feature, in which the lens doesn't come out of the camera body, it all is working a bit different, but nevertheless, it's impossible to have an orb on the pic. The flashlight always have a certain angle, and never goes 90 degrees below. So again, dust can be excluded.

Manufacturers do take care the light is going to the subject most customers want to photograph, and that's the subject in front. For that reason, build in flashes all have mirrors to beam the light forwards.

To be compleet, I mention the research done by Paul Devereux concearning lightphenomenons, appearing by collisions of tectonic plates (Pieces of the surface of our earth) His research was very thorough, and explains some, but not all lightphenomenons.



If I am talking about a CCD sensor, you can also read "film", for orbs can be captured on both; digital and analogue cameras. on photo, and on movie.


But, what are lightorbs after all?

A question daily asked to me, and a very understandable one. The answer however is rather complicated. There are a lot of sources orbs and lightfenomenons are coming from. A very often heard remark is, it are ghosts from passed people and animals. That is without any doubt a good suggestion, for they regularly show themselves on places where the passed away person often used to sit, or show themselves close to their framed photos.  There also are a lot of people seeing faces in orbs of passed persons or animals, see initials in them, that could be pointing to those who left us.

I have to say, I'm not specifically looking for that in orbs, the more because i' aren't the orbs as I experience them myself, but it is clear, people that have left Earth, can show themselves as orbs. After someone died, he/she doesn't have a fysical body anymore, but what stays ia a kind of energy, a vibration, a frequency, that can cause a lightphenomenon. Well known are the several reports of people having seen their relatives in a kind of vision. Also Orbs are mentioned in these reports, as well as certain smells, "coincidences" and so on.
These visions mostly are well benefitting the receiver of them.


Another category (as far as you can category them), are that orbs, that obviously have a healing purpose.

I know several cases in which men and animals have been healed from very disastrous illnesses. For privacy reasons, I won't tell too muchj about that. But I like to tell you something about a dog having a brain tumor. On the photo of that dog, an orb showed up close to the place of that tumor. After a few days the owners went to the vet, and the tumor was gone!

Orbs can be helpful as well! On another page you'll find the article "Orb saved cow". A cow, helpless in a ditch was saved by an orb. The cow came out of that ditch without any help, although that's impossible, as experienced people told me.

Orbs sometimes can be warning. Friends of me from Arkanses (USA) drove in very bad weather from their house to go out orbing. There weren't any streetlights on that road. They were warned by orbs, and drove back home. The next day it came out a part of the road was missing, because of that great rainfall. One shouldn't think about what might have happened if the orb didn't warn them!

More about that you can read in my previous articles. (Article 1 & article 2)

On Warning moons you can read another story about orbs warning us.


Consciousness from other dimensions

 In articles I earlier wrote, I already explaned this. You'll find them elwhere on thsi website.
(Article 1 & article 2)

The lightorbs as I experience them, are consciousness forms from other dimensions.

A lot of times nature spirits like tree spirits, devas and so on manifest themselves. You can think about elves, gnomes, and so on. Well known is, we are traveling from the 3th, through the 4th, to the 5th dimension.

That's the reason more and more people are getting orbs nowadays. People raise their frequenty, as mother Earth raises hers. By that means it's getting easier to take a look in that higher dimensions, and contact with orbs will become easier and easier for more and more people. Orbs obviously are capable to travel between those dimensions, which explains we sometimes only get half-orbs. At that moment they obviously are traveling from the one to the other dimension!

Interesting as well is, one can communicate with orbs in a telepatic way, in that way, you can ask  them to move,  change shape, color or whatever.  You can also ask them to show themselves on a certain spot, or to have them on a certain place in your photo.
They especially seem to be attracted to places people are having fun, or at least a good time, like parties, concerts and so on. If there is any disharmony, they are gone.
I know an orbs fotographer that shot tons of orbs pics, until some neigbours had some "arguments" to eachother. It was rather negative, and the orbs were gone immediately.

Exept in round forms, lightphenomena can take any kind of shape, like "tubes", "shooters", "misty ones", and so on. Orbs can create themselves out of these mists, and come back from orb shape into that mist. It is assumed, the phenomenon can travell faster (very fast) in that orb shape, ( or one of its variants) especialy outside time or space.

It is a remarkable phenomenon. I advise everyone to do his / her own experiments. Best to do is making a series of a lot of pictures, best with the camera on a tripod, of the same subject. You might experience on some of the photos the phenomenon is to be seen, on others not, which tells us, the dust-insect-pollen theory is not that suimple explanation for the phenomenon.

Besides the photographical case, it is interesting to know, you can also make soundrecordings of the orbs ( or the energy attracting them) These sounds can be heard on this website as well.

Wishing you a lot of fun with the orbs. At least they love it having fun!





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Ed Vos