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Lightphenomena’s, manifestations from others forms of consciousness ?



Light manifestations, as they are, are not new, during a long time, there are those stories about "willow the wisps", ghosts, and other kind of light phenomena. We often connect them with old stories, such as legends. We call them "folk stories", having their birth in the rich fantasy of story telling people, living centuries ago as many people suppose.

But, what to think, if those strange lights suddenly appear on nowadays photo en video material? Are they possibly manifestations of other dimensions ? Or are we dealing with Devic forces, such as elfs, gnomes and so on.

One picture of a series under a tree


I am working as a professional photographer, for about 29 years, in both; photography, and in a photo shop. I saw a lot of pictures, with curious things on it, mostly caused by one or another technical explanation. A few time though, it happened to me, I could give an explanation for it. Also colleagues, working in photography for a long time, didn’t have a sufficient explanation, about those things, so I remained with that strange feeling, I could not find the answers.

I am often confronted with those long stripes of white, coming on pictures, because the photographer, or someone nearby him smoked a cigarette, and it reflected the flashlight.

Other examples are those dots and circles on pictures, taken during rain or snow, witch are reflections of the flashlight. It’s the same on a nice summer evening, when there are a lot of insects.

Another cause can be glossy surfaces in the room the picture was taken, that can create the most exiting figures on a wall. Mirrors, glossy tables or photo frames, have there influence on photos and video, even if they are not to be seen on the image. I want to show you by this, how easy it is, to give a manifestation the name "paranormal", although there is a technical explanation for it

Photographical technic.

I am regularly asked to examine photographs, with those strange lightorbs etc. Mostly pictures are sent to me by e-mail to my computer. I sometimes can have my conclusions, but in a lot of cases not even the original picture is enough. In that cases I’d like to have the negatives as well, because that is the most original material.

Because of my profession, I know what all can happen during the process of developing and printing the film, especially during the printing job. Simply told, you have a light source, after that the negative, a lens system, and at the end the photographically paper, on which the image will be projected. If there is something in this printing system, such as dust, or other particles, especially on the diffusion box which spreads the light, you will get the most fantastic "Light orbs".

A Picture taken during full moon

The experiment.

On invitation of a good friend, Rudi Klijnstra, author of the Dutch books "graancirkels, codes uit andere dimensies" en "Dimensies voorbij tijd en ruimte", I travelled to Twente (an area in Holland) with my girlfriend Nel, to do some experiments with him, concerning light phenomena’s. Rudi has a long time experiences with light orbs, and because I didn’t have it at all, I had a certain scepticisme about it. I could not know that this attitude of Lenny and me, should disappear soon. Our experiences in Twente changed our opinions about light orbs totally.

In the beginning, Rudi saw those light orbs only during flashing with a camera, with or without a film in it, but later one, without using a flash, just with his bare eyes. When I heard this all, I really couldn’t imagine how it should be like, and didn’t believe it that much, but now, after my own experiences, my opinion has totally changed.

The experiment consisted of visiting several power places, because the phenomena can obviously manifestate its self on those power places. Also the time might be of influence, for that reason we started our experiment during sunset, on very special Dutch power place:

The Tankenberg.

Just before sunset, we arrived at the Tankenberg, a very mystical place, with a lot of legends situated near the Dutch village Oldenzaal. Especially the German Goddess Tanfana, a moon and water goddess left her impression behind on this spot, about 2000 years ago. Because of the fact the Tankenberg is a frequently visited tourist hot spot, we thought it was a good idea to clear the place ritually, to neutralise the possibly presence of negative energies. After that we did a short meditation, to ask permission for our experiment to the Deva’s, or nature powers, that makes the lightorbs appear. Nel mostly used the video camera, Rudi and I made use of our photo camera’s

My first impressions were breathtaking. However I meant to see the results only at home later, after developing the films, I was allowed to have a tremendous experience at the very spot.

As photographer, I am well known with what you see during flash photography through the viewfinder of a camera with a separated viewfinder, (No SLR camera) especially photographing outside in open fields. Trees etc. just light up for a peace of a second, and during the flash you keep seeing their shapes, only a bit lighter. The special thing I experienced, is that it didn’t work that way now, even taking pictures over a quite long distance. Every time I made a picture, my viewfinder lighted up in a tremendous way. It was totally filled with white light, as if someone right before me flashed into my eyes.

This was so special, that if the whole experiment should fail, this experience was enough to have made the long journey, and it had been worth the costs.

When we were home later on, there were some light orbs on the pictures, and a very nice one on videotape. That weekend we went to more power places in Twente, where we had very nice experiences too, for instance on a place called "t Twickle", where very often UFO’s are to be seen, and which area is in observation with 2 video camera’s 24h/day, by a group called "Twickelwatch".

A picture taken in the "Dolfinarium", Harderwijk, The Netherlands


The path in the wood.

We have had them all, moments that we see things that can impossible be. An animal, a flash of light, a shadow. It is well known that for instance cats can easily leaf their physical body, and can been seen somewhere else. I believed such things could exist, but I thought that my experiences were caused by my imagination. However……….

I didn’t have proofs, and that is what I liked to get. Well, I got Them !!!

A few days after our trip to Twente, I drove my car on a long path through the wood. It was as dark as dark can be. Than suddenly, we saw both at the same time, a light phenomenon, at a distance of about 50 metres away, and about 2 metres above the ground. The best way to describe it is like a rotating board, such as shopkeepers sometimes put before their shops to attract the attention to their products. We drove on very slowly, to examine if there was something in a tree that could have reflected the lights of my car. But we couldn’t find anything. The nice thing of this experience is that we both have seen it, in the same way. At that moment things are coming very close.

Later on I discovered that Madam Helena Blavatsky (1831 - 1891) described this phenomenon on exact the same way in her book "The secret teaching".

Our experience happened also in the neighbourhood of a well known Dutch power place: "Kernhem". A lot of people have spiritual experiences at that site, and during full moon, you can see there people meditating near a special stone: "The Bloodstone". To get there, they have to make a long walk through the dark wood. About this place are a lot of stories and legends.


Light manifestations are reported very often. In England for instance are they regularly seen at places as Stonehenge, Silbury hill and the stone circle at Avebury, as well as on other places of power. When cropcircles appear, very often also light orbs are reported. There is even a videotape on which the appearance of a cropcircle is captured, and several balls of light.

During our cropcircle holiday, Nel and I made some pictures in "The Barge inn", a pub in south England, where cropcircleresearchers from all over the world meat eachother. There were taken several pictures in a very short time. On one of the is a very special light manifestation to be seen. There was nobody smoking at the moment.

The phenomenon in "The Barge Inn"


We had the same type of the appearance on earlier pictures for instance on a picture were two women are sitting under a tree. This also was a series of pictures, taken directly after eachother, only one contents the light manifestation. And the same as the other picture: also at this time, nobody smoked. Questioning an psychic we had good experiences with, told us it were energies that had to do with the tree. By the way, we experienced a lot of energy on that particular spot. There are also a lot of reports telling about flashes of light coming out of the top of the pyramids in Gizeh. Paul Brunton gives a description of it in his book "Secret Egypt". I myself had been shown pictures, taken from an videotape of the same light manifestation. Later on, I saw the original tape, en one can hear how astonished the filming person on that film was. So before the film was played back.

What causes those lightorbs ?

There are several theories. The phenomenon at the pyramids might be of a quite different level, so I will not discuss them in this article.

For the phenomena’s in this article, it might be an exchange or interaction between Mother Earth’s energy, and cosmic energy. It is very well possible, especially in this time, that is an energetic "busy" one, going from the Pisces era to Aquarius.

Another suggestion is that of Mother Earth, trying to get lost of the negativism, because we didn’t tread her that well. But has that to do with light appearances ?

Also a vision is the pressure of the surface of our planet and the tectonic plates, which causes possible electro and magnetic releases of those energies.

The shape several people receive on pictures are also quite different. One gets perfect circles, and another totally different shapes. (Not caused by the shape of the aperture of the camera)

There are people who think the power of thoughts effects the mystery on the images. It might be a good explanation, but on my pictures, light orbs etc. appear, even if I do not think about them. But it can not be excluded, an unconscious wish might attract something, in a for that person well known shape. Anyway, it is remarkable that some people frequently receive samelike manifestation on photo and video images.

Although I don’t know all these things for certain, do I feel a lot for the explanation, it should all have to do with nature spirits or forces, Deva’s etc. That means the workers from other dimensions.

In several talkings with people that also see those light orbs etc. it came out, most of them suggests it really is this Deva theory. It isn’t so remarkable that just in this special time more and more phenomena’s like this, seems to appear. Maybe we are all standing for a great shift into another dimension. Probably the Deva’s are one of the first signs. But, it has to be said, long ago there also were those willow the wisp reports, that might have the same source.

That more and more people are going to see the light orbs etc. can be caused by a higher appearance of the phenomenon. It is clear more and more people are having spiritual en paranormal experiences, so it is logical more and more phenomena’s are experienced.

Anyway, we may conclude, we are living in a very special and interesting time, in which everything seems to speed up. The light phenomenon included.


Earlier published in the Dutch esoteric magazine "Spiegelbeeld" Volume  may 2000

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