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Symbolen, graancirkels, esoterie






The former photomodel Marketa Belonoha has made it her target to supply pets shelters with food, vitamins, blanckets and so on.
A very nice initiative.







Sandcircles, Holy geometrie etc.


 Orbs website of Suzanne van Eijk


Cropcircles, UFO's, Paranormal photography



mockingbird reports is a site that stands for a large variaty of subjects. Mockingbird ia and stands for positivisme and unity. Our goal is to get a picture of the thruth of everything that is and was. Everyone is welcome to give his input


Spiritual centre Lovina (Bali, Indonesia)
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Dutch cropcircle workgroup


Paying a visite to the Dutch province of Drenthe, with her rest, room, hunebedden (long barrows) and much more.....
A good start is by the accomodation of "De vlaamse Gaai". (Bed & Breakfast). Warmly recommended by Dutch Light Orbs (Nel & Ed)
The hosts speak Dutch, English,German and French fluently


Alexandra steverink, Cropcircle researcher, artist (f.i. cropcircle art), healer

  Frank Bonte Research for alternative energies, Electro Smog Killer (ESK) and more.

Ed Sherwood, Lightorbs, cropcircle related

JHK1 spiritual drawings (Dutch site)

Dowsers Canada Canadian Dowsers English Site)

Diamental Internet magazine for unknown talent (Dutch only)

Mufooz UFO's and other phenomenons

Kroonart Esoteric arts

Ioha Galleries  Site with ghosts and other light phenomenons

German  Forum about lightorbs and cropcircles

Carissa Orbphoto's taken of Carissa by her grandmother Norma Joiner (Hawai)

Orbstudy Scientific site concerning orbs

13 Moon Calendar very intersting subjects and links concerning spirituality and esoterie

  Letter to Robin easy to use on line book about dowsing. (several languages)

Stefan Zachert. Obs and cropcircles photographed in Poland

EVP Voices EVP voices of Henk and Alex

Paranormal Gallery Stanislaw Barski, Polen, Orbs, UFO's

  Discover the phenomena website en forum

A Long-Term Scientific Survey of the Hessdalen Phenomenon
By Massimo Teodorani Ph.D.

Hessdalen Some final notes on the "Rebuttal" phenomenon by Massimo Teodorani Ph.D.






Ed Vos